Water Shortage? South-East England Ban

Water shortage? You can spray that again!

Well, actually, you can’t, according to Britain’s water companies. The firms are bringing in hosepipe bans across the country, signalling a potential end to the traditional car wash.

Drivers in the South-East of England will be the first to be affected by the ban – introduced because of a lack of rainfall over the winter months – but it could spread nationwide. Now, leading car care produce manufacturer Comma has tapped into the problem and issued a new list of recommendations for saving valuable water while still giving your motor a clean.

An estimated 6 million drivers wash their vehicle every weekend and 57 percent of those have admitted that they do it by hosing down first, according to Comma’s research. Ignoring a hosepipe ban introduced by your local water authority could mean a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record, so the firm’s advice should be taken by the bucket load. “With so many people in this country grabbing a hosepipe, a change of habit is required,” explained company spokesman Mike Brewsey. “You only need one pail of water to clean the car, and another to wash it down.”

Comma claims a staggering 84 million gallons of water could be saved each weekend if more drivers converted to buckets instead of hoses.

Figures released by supplier Three Valleys Water show that a hose pipes use 20 gallons per wash – which compares with only 3 gallons for each bucket.

Top Water Saving Tips When Washing Your Car

1. Clean your car from the roof down to the wheels
2. Always wash in the shade to avoid drying marks and repeat cleaning
3. Wring your sponge or chamois out over your bucket
4. Use a sponge to wash down with one hand, and a chamois in the other to dry off immediately
5. Wash your car after a rain shower – it will already be wet, so you won’t need a hose to rinse it first

One thought on “Water Shortage? South-East England Ban

  1. I know how to get large amounts of water but no one wants to listen to you. I have called a bunch of the governors offices in the Southeast states and they just blow you off. The only one that did listen is a environmental guy from South Carolina. You would think that being as desperate for water as they are in the Southeast that they might take the time to listen, but that is the problem with big government. They don’t want to take a few minutes of their time and listen to the public. But yet when it is a election year they come around kissing your butt trying to get your vote. Once voted in they go about doing their thing and totally ignore you.

    Some people might call in joking around or pranking them wasting their time but I am serious. I am from Michigan and right now we are doing pretty good for rain and have large amounts of water. In fact it might be a benifit for us here in Michigan to see the Southeast have water shortages because your business can’t run without water and might close down and come up here where we have lots and lots of water. But I am trying to help you out down there and no one will give you the time of day. So if you do run out of water, blame your governors for not listening to real ways to solve your water problems.

    Imagine Atlanta with millions of people running out of water. It would spell disaster. They say on the Weather Channel that you only got 60 days of water left. Well it is actually less because once you reach the 2 week mark everyohe and their grandmother is going to be filling all kinds of containers with water so they have a supply of water once the taps go dry. So that will cut the supply by a number of days.

    Imagine all of your business shutting down because they have no water. That would put a lot of people out of work. With no work, it means now money coming in and you will have major problems when all of this happens. They are not talking about this right now on the news, but I am letting you know up front what is going to happen.

    So agian you might want to give your legislatures a call and tell them to get off of their rear ends and listen to people who have ideas and ways to get water.

    Thanks for your time,

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