Subway in Leigh On Sea, Essex to Open

Just heard that the old Costcutter that was at 63 Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1PE is going to be made into a Subway.

Subway Leigh On Sea

Whilst there is no doubt that the shop needed to be taken, as it’s been on the market for some time, my loyalties lie with the likes of Hippos and Relish.

I’m surprised that Subway were allowed to open here – thinking it’s out of kilter with the small, local Boutiquey style of Leigh Broadway.

4 thoughts on “Subway in Leigh On Sea, Essex to Open

  1. It seems I am last to hear about the new Subway! I am shocked that this is deemed to be a requirement for an already slow and dying Leigh Broadway. I hear the Bean Restaurant opposite is to be ANOTHER estate agents too – unreal eh! why does there appear to be no thought into what really is ‘central’ Leigh on Sea? I can only conclude that what the shop wants to sell has no bearing on renting prime locations and decisions are purely based upon obtaining the monthly rent.

    Subway – is everyone ready for a chain that sells ONLY Halal meat and do they really know exactly what they are eating and how its been slaughtered?

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