Replacement, Upgrade for my Nokia 6100 – What are VK2010 | VK2000 – Mobile Phones like?

I’m looking to find more information on the VK range of mobile phones.

I used to have a Nokia 6100 and it was a really thin and small phone that was reliable and had a good battery life. The only problem is that this phone is quite out of date and I find the responsiveness of it a little slow compared to todays standards.

Nokia 6100 | A great slim small phone

I’m currently looking for an upgrade or replacement – ideally a Nokia 6100 shell but with 6230i insides. I know that this isn’t possible but even different brands interest me hence me mentioning the VK Mobile range. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be interested to hear.

vk 2010


vk 2020


My wishlist:-

Battery life over 5 days
Max Height – 110mm
Max Width – 60mm
Max Thickness – 10mm
Weight – not bothered
Screen – Need to view images
Ringtones – MP3
USB Chargeable – USB lead to charge

Like I said, the VK2000 looked good but there are others on the horizon and I’d be prepared to hang-on for a couple of months to see their latest offerings.

7 thoughts on “Replacement, Upgrade for my Nokia 6100 – What are VK2010 | VK2000 – Mobile Phones like?

  1. Hi Andi,

    Still waiting myself. Looks to me that they need to get an outlet like carphonewarehouse to market their phones. Plenty of people are interested! If you find out any more info please post here – I will do likewise!

  2. I have bought a VK 2020 on ebay but it did not work, I am now in a battle for my monies back.
    I also bought a 2000 and that is perfect. Very nice phone but the 2020 is a better feel.
    You can also get them from

    Hope this help you

    All the best


  3. I have just bought the VK2000 on ebay for £65 (from Greece). Very basic but at the same very stylish. I did have the samsung p300 which was a tiny bit bigger and packed in a lot of features but weighed a lot more. VK2000 does not have camera, bluetooth, mp3 but i’m guessing thats where they cut back on the weight.

    In summary, if you want all latest features, look somewhere else. But if you want to make a sexy phone that you are highly unlikely to see anywhere else, this may just be the phone for you.

  4. A friend of mine bought one in Tenerife and has tried to buy another but is having a problem but the shop says they are still available but in short supply. So if you are going to Tenerife or know anyone else that is, it may be worth a try. His 2020 was sim free and cost him £100.00

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