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Exact Business Moves Review

I thought I’d write a review about Exact Business Moves based in Romford in Essex.

We had Exact Business Moves quote on a fairly comprehensive business move early on in January 2007 and I’d like to say how happy I was with their service. I also used a romford minibus service from Charlie and it was great. I’d recommend him too.

They gave good instructions, the staff were very friendly and apart from one missing item (a usb wireless receiver for a logitech G7 mouse)

I have no reason to complain. They do have an asset protection policy but for £70 I’m not sure if it’s worth bothering with!

Exact moves were involved in moving 5 staff and associated filing cabinets along with some domestic household items that are to be kept in storage (and at the time of writing still are).

I’d strongly recommend them, their details are;

Exact Moves
Charles House
49-51 Brentwood Road
Tel: 01708 771 290
Fax: 01708 735 858
email: info@exactmoves.co.uk

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