Bpweb bpweb.net – Review | Opinion of their services – I’ve not had good experiences with them!

Having tried out some ISP’s recently for webhosting I was attracted to bpweb.net due to their good reviews and the fact that they did a 30 day money-back-guarantee.

I setup some accounts OK and wanted to add POP3 accounts which I added. I then decided to change the POP3 accounts and did that however they didn’t work. It transpired that they only update your requests such as changes to web forwarding, pop3 accounts, etc. etc. on a daily basis at 11pm. So if you were to request changes at 11.30pm, or you made a mistake you would have to wait until the following evening at 11pm for your changes to be executed. This is not good in todays age!

I then contacted support for a couple of questions via their support console – no response, sent another – no response and then telephoned Nick/Andy in support and he helped. I asked why my requests hadn’t been answered – he said that they hadn’t seen them. Anyhow, after this and the 11pm updates I said that I would like to cancel my account (this is 2/3 days after opening it – which I must add, took them 1 hour!) … No reply. I tried this 10 times and send forms from their “secure support area” … No reply. I then called and was told I would have to e-mail them. Which I did.

I then left it and thought. Oh well they’ve got £30 out of me.

3 weeks later I got a second bill from their service on my card. I had to eventually go to the payment collected and manually cancel the service. Not through BPweb but the service provider.

BPwebseem to use an antiquated, slow system for updating changes. They didn’t reply to my support requests and failed to assist me in cancelling their service.

Since this experience I have used Clook clook.co.uk and they are great. The cPanel system is instant, their prices seem to be cheaper (bonus) and the support response is as I would expect, if not better. Usually an e-mail response within 5mins to 30 mins. Not that I’ve had to use it much, apart from a flurry of panic e-mails at the start ;-P

Moral of story. Check out that they have a cancellation procedure or find your exit before comitting.

3 thoughts on “Bpweb bpweb.net – Review | Opinion of their services – I’ve not had good experiences with them!

  1. This is no April Fools joke but they have refunded me the two months! On the off chance I sent an email and they replied with the refund for the two months – I’m now a happier bunny. Just wish that they’d responded like this at the start.

    Oh well, another day …..

  2. I found your experiences interesting.
    I’ve been a customer of BPWeb for over 5 years, both personally and via 2 companies I worked at, and I cannot recall a single instance of poor support or low level of service. I have only ever had good experiences with them.

    Really, I have no complaints about using them.

    While they do currently only update their internal DNS once every 24 hours this has only ever been an issue for me on 1 occasion. A quick call to support and they manually did the update there and then. I believe that they will be changing the system soon to allow for immediate updates too.

  3. I ‘ve used BPWeb for 10 years. My greatest impression is that of outstanding service. Even at weekends they have responded and resolved queries rapidly… Sometimes within minutes.
    I have experience of several other major hosting services and none are even in the same league as BPWeb.

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