How to disable keyless entry on Range Rovers (Evoque checked & working)

With the abundance of thefts and un-authorised entry of key-less entry cars at the moment I investigated as to whether it would be possible to turn off the keyless entry on a Range Rover (specifically I was able to verify & test this on a 2014 Evoque). So many LUX pack Range Rover Evoques come with keyless access as a standard feature.

It’s actually simpler that one would imagine.

How to turn off keyless entry (steps);

Stage 1: Unlock car with zapper or by opening the driver’s door
Stage 2: Sit in drivers seat, keeping the driver’s door open
Stage 3: Press these buttons in order on the key fob. Headlights/Headlights/Headlights/Open(unlock car button) – So to repeat, press the headlight button three times, then the open padlock button once.

To check that Keyless opening has been deactivated, close driver’s door and lock the car with the keyfob. Then attempt to open the driver’s door without using the keyfob.

How to Enable and turn-on Keyless entry again.

Stage 1: Unlock car with zapper or by opening the driver’s door
Stage 2: Sit in drivers seat, keeping the driver’s door open
Stage 3: Press these buttons in order on the key fob. Headlights/Headlights/Headlights/Lock (Lock car button) – So to repeat, press the headlight button three times, then the closed padlock button once.

To check that Keyless entry has been re-activated on the Evoque, close the driver’s door and lock the car with the keyfob. Then attempt to open the driver’s door without using the keyfob.

Hope this helps!

Subway in Leigh On Sea, Essex to Open

Just heard that the old Costcutter that was at 63 Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea SS9 1PE is going to be made into a Subway.

Subway Leigh On Sea

Whilst there is no doubt that the shop needed to be taken, as it’s been on the market for some time, my loyalties lie with the likes of Hippos and Relish.

I’m surprised that Subway were allowed to open here – thinking it’s out of kilter with the small, local Boutiquey style of Leigh Broadway.

Keeping date stamp when copying folders between drives in Windows 7

I came across a problem when moving folders in Windows 7 between drives. If you move a folder within the same drive the date stamp and time of the folder is retained. However when you move or copy to a mapped or different drive, the creation date of the folder is changed to the date of the move process.

Having had a hunt around the web I found the following command works perfectly.


robocopy C:\ D:\ /e /dcopy:T

e.g. where C drive is the source drive & D drive is the destination drive

NOTE: I did this with an elevated command prompt, to be safe. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t move, but copies. I’ve heard that when you move, robocopy doesn’t retain these date settings.

This will retain all folder timestamps

Mick Norcross’s new TV series may feature the Grand in Leigh On Sea

Progress of the ex Towie star Michael Norcross’s new plans for the Grand Hotel in Leigh on Sea, Essex are still at a standstill. It appears that there may have been some issues with subsidence, that have put the build on hold.

Leigh on Sea is a rose between thorns and the elaborate plans Mr Norcross has put forward in revitalising the Grand, will be welcomed by most.

The Grand has been left unloved for many years now (going back to 2007) and a new lease of life is required.

The thought of a TV series fills Leigh residents with mixed emotions. The recent departure of Mick from , due to the feeling of cheapening his brand, bodes well for Leigh – which has always prided itself on being modern, classy & funky.

Garden maintenance Essex

I’ve just had Dave round to do some garden clearance. These guys are great.

They’ve trimmed hedges, cut tree branches, removed all the weeds and cleaned the patio area. See the photo below of them at work.

Garden clearance at my house in Essex

The services they offer are;

  • Garden maintenance
  • Garden clearance
  • Tidying of gardens
  • Trimming and pruning hedges
  • Patio cleaning
  • Weed removal
  • Lawn maintenance and grass cutting
  • Fence and fencing repairs
  • Gutter and guttering repairs
  • Essex handyman services around the garden
  • I’ve used him over the past few years and he always come on time and is reasonable on costs. I’m in Southend, but Dave comes from Brentwood, so I think that nearer to the Brentwood, Essex area is your best bet for getting him to do work for you.

    You can contact Dave on 078 121 50618, Mention ‘Stuey’ if you speak to him!

    Appointmoor Estates – Review of their Lettings and Estate Agents business in Leigh on Sea

    Reviews of Appointmore Estates, based at 72 The Ridgeway, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 8NU Telephone Number below; Chalkwell Leigh-on-sea and Westcliff on Sea currently manage a lets and property sales in these areas.

    The only person we’ve had dealings with is Lucy McEwen at their Ridgeway branch.

    If anyone has any feedback on Appointmoor please can you let us know. We’d be interested to hear any of your experiences about the way they operate their business and interested in your opinion on their service and staff.

    Their telephone number is 01702 719 966

    Porsche PDK

    German car manufacturer Porsche have recenty introduced PDK (Porsche Doppelkuppungsgetribe) or Double clutch gearbox in their facelift 911. It’s a development of a system used some 20 years ago in their 24 Hours Le Mans cars so its taken a while to filter through!

    Porsche PDK photo

    The gearleaver or steering wheel paddles can be used to change the ratios. With a 60 percent increase in shift speeds, compared to the old tiptronic system, this looks to be a realistic contender as a favourite choice.

    This times in nicely with the launch of the revised facelift 998 bodyshape which you can see below.

    Porsche facelift photo 998 911

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    Exact Business Moves

    Exact Business Moves Review

    I thought I’d write a review about Exact Business Moves based in Romford in Essex.

    We had Exact Business Moves quote on a fairly comprehensive business move early on in January 2007 and I’d like to say how happy I was with their service. I also used a romford minibus service from Charlie and it was great. I’d recommend him too.

    They gave good instructions, the staff were very friendly and apart from one missing item (a usb wireless receiver for a logitech G7 mouse)

    I have no reason to complain. They do have an asset protection policy but for £70 I’m not sure if it’s worth bothering with!

    Exact moves were involved in moving 5 staff and associated filing cabinets along with some domestic household items that are to be kept in storage (and at the time of writing still are).

    I’d strongly recommend them, their details are;

    Exact Moves
    Charles House
    49-51 Brentwood Road
    RM1 2EU
    Tel: 01708 771 290
    Fax: 01708 735 858

    DBRS9 – Aston Martin

    Aston DBRS9

    IT was ‘screen tested’ by James Bond – and now here it is going through its paces before hitting the showrooms. In an old issue of Auto Express it was revealed the Aston Martin DB9 that will star in the 007 movie Casino Royale – now these photos show how the stunning this roadgoing version will look.


    The car has been spied, putting in some fast laps at the Nurburgring in Germany, this menacing black car gets the same styling tweaks as the Bond version. It has aggressive air intakes, wider wheelarches, bigger alloys, lowered side skirts and a lip spoiler at the back.

    It will be luxurious inside, with sports seats and a new engine starter button. The model gets a different name, too – the DBRS9. Aston Martin hasn’t confirmed technical details, but the car will have revised suspension and brakes, plus a 500bhp 6.0-litre V12. That should mean a 0-60mph time of 4.5 seconds and a 200mph top speed. Only 300 examples of the £130,000 model will be produced.

    I can’t wait to check it out at my local Aston Martin dealership 🙂

    Does anyone else have any further info on this beast?

    Drivers of minibus now need 45min break after every 4.5hr drive

    Holiday makers and booze cruise drivers will need to dip their hand in their pockets. People renting vehicles with 9 seats or more will, next spring (2007), have to get a £38 driver card to log the drivers time on the road. The card, which looks similar to the UK photographic driving licence needs to be purchased in advance from the DVLA (visit site here). Using this new card will involve slotting it into a new style of tachograph and will restrict journeys to 4 and a half hours continuous driving followed by a 45 min break.

    My comment is that the obvious way to get round this is to get two people to buy cards and then swap over their cards every 4.5 hours? No?

    SLK 55 AMG – 400bhp – Limited Edition

    SLK AMG Black

    Mercedes Benz are shortly about to launch a 400 bhp version of their already successful SLK 55 AMG. The normal car has 360bhp and the new one, that features a carbon roof and various body panel additions is speculated to have 400 bhp. I have looked on the website but cannot find clarification of this however there are a few websites that are posting images.

    The acceleration of this beast has been dropped from 4.9s to 62.5mph to 4.5s and the car is reputed to have 620Nm of torque. This may spell disaster for the 3.2S Boxster as the handling of the SLK has been impoved also. C’mon Porsche, improve the performance of the Boxster. At only 285bhp the Boxster is definitely lacking with many other ‘competitor’ cars being well over the 300bhp+ range.

    Porsche Cayman – Base model released £36k

    Porsche has unveiled their base Cayman model and it is over £7,000 less expensive than the S version. Rather than using the 3.4l engine, as fitted in the S, the base model is to be powered by the Boxsters’ 2.7l flat-six. The unit develops 245bhp compared with the 3.4’s 295bhp and accelerates the Cayman from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds. The model is set to arrive in the Porsche Showrooms on 29th July 2006. It has different double-spoke alloys, and black brake calipers.

    Mmmmmm. I’d love one of those! 😉

    Visit Porsche here

    Comparison of Steelpad Steel4S and Steel5L | Review of Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

    It was early March and I decided to upgrade my trusty Microsoft Optical mouse that I had been using for 2 years and replace it with something a little more up to date …

    I looked on the web and checked out reviews on mice and then start reading about the combination of mice and mousepads (albeit probably 3 years later than everyone else ……) and how critical the combination could be.

    Now that I’m a little older and the “buy cheap, buy twice” policy makes so much sense, I came to the conclusion that I wanted the best mouse and the best mouse mat.

    This brought me to two items

    1) Logitech G5 Laser Mouse – Logitech G5
    2) SteelPads 4S (Rigid metal mouse pad with chemical etched matt black surface) Steel Series Steelpad 4S

    I nearly bit the hand off the delivery guy on the morning they were delivered, frantically unwrapping them like it was my 10th Birthday – looking good, opened the Steelpad 4S Steel first and saw the matt black, almost stealth looking mousepad. Great. Then opened the Logitech box and had a look at the G5 Laser mouse. Very impressed.

    I plugged the mouse in and loaded the software ……

    First impressions of the G5

    1) It looked good. Felt great.
    2) I didn’t like the wheel (it provided a lot more resistance than the Microsoft Optical mouse – it wasn’t as free wheeling)

    I messed around with the weights and decided that it wasn’t for me so I put the Logitech G5 Laser mouse back in its packaging and contacted the supplier for a RMA number. Very disappointed indeed!


    Next for the Steelpad 4S Steel

    Now this looked good, felt good and best of all, it performed. Using my Microsoft optical mouse on it worked great – however it seemed to have quite a bit of noise and friction. I fitted some pad surfers (a strip of self-adhesive low friction material that is supplied with the steel pad) cut them to size and stuck them to the feet of the mouse. Much better.

    A week passed and I’d not had a chance to send the G5 back – for some reason I thought I’d give it another try. I don’t know why I did this, however I’d kept on reading great reviews and thought I must be doing something wrong here.

    I got it setup as before and initially it felt better on the 4S Steel surface than the optical. After an hour of me saying that the scroll wheel was too hard to move I started to get used to it. I also changed the buttons so that the ‘+’ button was (Ctrl+Enter), as I use Opera browser – this is useful for opera wand commands and the ‘-‘ button to switched between the current and last page open in Opera (Ctrl+Tab). Which, if you’re comparing two web pages, can be really useful.

    I used the left and right on the scroll wheel to act as middle button so that it would open up the selected link in the background. Again a very useful tool.

    It was starting to grow on me. The final straw was that I had an identical MS Optical mouse on another pc in another room in the house and once I used it – it felt so cheap and the scroll wheel actually felt like it didn’t have enough resistance!

    A week or so passed and I started to get irritated with the scraping noise of the G5 Laser Mouse on the Steelpad 4S Steel so I ordered some, specially designed, G5 pad-surfers from Steelpad. This seemed to do the trick and I carefully removed the original ones from the G5. Much quieter – or at least it seemed. A week later I was getting frustrated with the noise again and the scraping feeling (cue the fingernails on chalkboard noise) – I’d had enough.

    As I really liked Steelpad’s presentation and performance, but not the noise – I went back and ordered the Steelpads 5L cloth and plastic mouse mat. Wow, instant noise reduction, nice padded feeling (not too soft – just right) and it was a little bigger.

    I now have the best combination of all now. The best mouse and it’s tied in with the best mouse-pad (well, in my opinion anyhow).

    If you want a great combination don’t bother with the 4S get the 5L and the Logitech G5 laser – there’s no beating it!

    One in 10 sleep at the wheel

    One on 10 motorists admit that they have fallen asleep at the wheel according to a new report. Nodding off kills 300 people a year in the UK, says Green Flag who recently carried out the survey.

    Researchers also found out that nearly 60% of the 1000 road users questioned, confessed to taking the wheel when “very tired”.

    Men were the worst culprits, with two thirds owning up to driving with fatigue hanging over them.

    Curing Squeaking Floor Boards

    Over a period of time. the flexing of the floor or expansion and contraction of the timber may loosen the floorboard nails. It is the resulting movement of the wood against the nails or against the neighbouring boards that produces the typical irritating squeak.

    The simplest cure is to drive the floorboard nails in deeper with a Nail Punchnail punch, which allows the tapered edges of the nails to grip the wood more securely. However, this may not be a lasting solution. If the problem persists, use either a larger or Ring Shank Nailsring-shank nails. The latter are designed to give a better grip however they need to have clearance holes drilled through the boards. Fill any redundant holes with a matching wood filler.

    If the boards can’t be renailed satisfactorily (for example, because of twisting or bowing), use countersunk stainless-steel woodscrews. Countersunk Stainless Steel WoodscrewsBury the heads of the screws deep enough to cover them with filler or with matching wooden plugs. Dampening the wood thoroughly before fixing will help it to ‘give’ as the boards are screwed down.

    Another tip…..